Sure Liquid builds websites, but did you know we do a lot more? Multi-platform mobile applications, systems integration, data processing, and custom applications are just some of the other types of solutions we build and maintain.

Liquid puts problem solving first. Our technology team will work with you to understand your business' needs and design practical solutions that are the right fit for you. We work with organizations across numerous industries including healthcare, entertainment, transportation and manufacturing. This uniquely broad experience often allows us to apply solutions from one industry to another. Furthermore, our agnostic approach means that we're as comfortable building a C#/.NET application for Windows as we are developing a Java application for Android or a PHP application for Linux. Whether you need someone to build you a solution from the ground up or enhance an existing application, we can help!

How We Can Help You Succeed

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Mobile Applications

Do you need a native application for mobile devices? Liquid has released applications in both the iTunes and Google Play stores, as well as private applications served internally to an organization.

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Systems Integration

Do you wish your systems could communicate with one another? Whether its helping your website work with your CRM or manufacturing equipment report to your ERP system we can help.

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Data Processing

Are you getting all the information you should be from your data? We have built solutions to parse, sort, analyze and transmit millions of records. Let us show you how to take advantage of the information you already have.

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Custom Applications

Do you require a solution that works offline or in a controlled environment? We have built solutions for a single Raspberry Pi, a host internal client and server machines, and everything in between.

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