Liquid has been an innovator in the mobile space for over a decade. And with the rise of current market leaders iOS and Android, we continue to innovate. As a platform agnostic organization, we specialize in cross-platform technologies that allow you to:

  • Reach the widest audience possible, without worrying about one platform or another.
  • Reduce your investment for initial deployment.
  • Significantly cut your cost of ongoing maintenance.

Your mobile success requires careful planning, options review, training, and execution. The good news is that you don’t have to take this on yourself. With our long and proven expertise, we can customize a variety of services to let your message shine — wherever your audience views it.

Why Mobile Apps?

A mobile app presence is critical to your business’s success, for several reasons:

  • Interactivity. Mobile web browser performance has improved significantly over the years, but it still does not come close to the instant feedback of well-built native applications. This especially holds true for interactive features like search, data entry, and commerce.
  • Notifications.This often-overlooked advantage of native mobile applications is the modern solution for spam. Users are asked to accept notifications for a given app. Once accepted, they can be used to communicate with end-users instantly.


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