Running a website is hard work. Sometimes, you don’t have the time or the budget to maintain yours at peak efficiency. That’s where Liquid’s Support and Hosting services come in. Whether it’s a site we created or one you need us to take over, we’ll make sure it gets the level of love and attention it deserves.


We offer a wide variety of hosting services, from shared hosting through dedicated servers and networks, all tailored to your needs. We’ll find you the proper environment that ensures you have the power and capacity you need, and the flexibility to grow — all while paying only for what you use.


All of your sites are attentively cared for by our support team, who prioritizes its maintenance and upkeep. Whether it‘s keeping up with the latest security patches, squashing bugs, or adding exciting new features, we remain closely involved and invested in the long term health and wellness of your web properties.


Ease the pain of web hosting and maintenance