Bills Khakis - Father of 2015

In celebrating the brand’s biggest fans, Bills Khakis’ Father’s Day Campaign strengthened their digital presence and brought them e-commerce success.

THE OPPORTUNITY: An Occasion Worth Celebrating

As the ‘Official Sponsor of Father’s Day,’ it’s only fitting that Bills Khakis help fathers win big on their big day.

Liquid worked with Bills Khakis to plan, launch and manage their first-ever Father’s Day campaign in 2014. With positive sentiment surrounding the campaign and e-commerce success to back it up, Bills Khakis asked that we help them celebrate again in 2015.

Campaign data from multiple social media channels, third party platforms, and Google Analytics pointed toward opportunities for campaign improvements. With this, we began planning for Father’s Day 2015.

SOLUTION: The Father’s Day Campaign

King for the Day

Landing Page 1

Bills Khakis challenged participants to nominate a deserving father in their lives to be named the Father of 2015. Participants’ nominations were pulled from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when the branded hashtag #BillsFathersDay was used and aggregated into a photo gallery on the Father’s Day landing page. The Father’s Day responsive landing page developed by Liquid was not only home to this feed but also to other campaign information and updates.

Instagram Feed

Liquid launched social ad campaigns by creating short promotional videos explaining the entry process as well as boosting posts already written to be shared on Bills’ social media. By targeting not only current fans but also their Facebook friends, we were able to increase the reach of the campaign.

Facebook Ad

Calling All Trivia Buffs

Liquid recognized one of Bills Khakis strengths was that fans who followed Bills on Twitter were an engaged group, often sharing their excitement for upcoming sales or recent product purchases. Therefore, increasing this following was an opportunity for Bills Khakis. The concept behind the Live Twitter Trivia Challenge arose as a result. From sunrise to sunset on Father’s Day, Bills Khakis asked trivia questions about both the holiday and the brand. Fathers, wives, sons and daughters alike played along throughout the day.

Trivia Entries 1

Triva Entries 2

Some Leads, Indeed

Liquid recommended we give Bills Khakis’ customers and prospective customers a way to win big on Father’s Day that did not require a social media account. Email list growth is a priority for Bills Khakis. Recognizing this, we suggested Bills Khakis do a lead generation campaign via the Father’s Day landing page. By entering his or her email address, fans were automatically entered to win $621 on Father’s Day, 6/21. Entrants were able to opt in to receive email updates from Bills Khakis upon entering.

Those who your dad would refer to as “socially savvy” could also conveniently enter. With Twitter Lead Generation Cards, Twitter users were able to share their contact information with Bills Khakis directly from their timeline.

THE RESULT: A Big Win for Bills Khakis

With the help of our Live Twitter Trivia Challenge, Bills Khakis saw a 10% increase in their Twitter following in just a few weeks. The number of new Instagram followers was more than three times the number of new followers Bills Khakis typically sees in any other given month. Bills Khakis relies heavily on social media and email marketing to promote site-wide sales and products only available for a limited time, putting value in each additional follower.

Instagram Feed

Social advertising was effective in promoting the campaign beyond the reach of our organic posts. Post reach ranged from 12,000 to 86,000 Facebook users per post. Throughout the campaign, these boosted posts garnered 27 new Facebook fans and almost 3,500 click-throughs to the Father’s Day campaign landing page.

Compared to the months prior, Bills Khakis e-commerce site saw significant increases in referrals from social media. Following the Live Twitter Trivia Challenge, Bills Khakis’ site saw a 681% increase in sessions from Twitter; between organic and paid advertising on Facebook, there was a 31% increase in sessions from Facebook during the month-long period leading up to Father’s Day.

With the help of this campaign and other marketing efforts also being handled by Liquid, Bills Khakis’ e-commerce site was the popular place to be, and shop, during the month of June.