It’s no small task bringing an American-made luminary in menswear into an age of competitive email marketing, modern web design, and mobile devices in every pocket. That’s why Reading-based Bills Khakis trusts us to carry their famous brand into the digital realm, from building digital campaigns to designing and engineering a brand new responsive website that acts as the backbone to their business.


Working as an extension of the Bills Khakis marketing team, we’ve acted as a consultant in virtually every area of the brand’s digital presence.

Every time we make a decision, we’re strategically considering the same metrics as the Bills team themselves: bounce rate, engagement time, and ultimately – what matters at the end of the day – conversion rate.

We build and manage weekly email marketing efforts for Bills Khakis – each email newsletter carefully crafted and optimized in every detail, from messaging to visuals to subject lines.

As the creators and keepers of, we’re obsessed with any and every tweak and change to provide the very best user experience for every visitor, whether they’re learning more about the brand, “window” shopping, or ready to buy a product.

Bills Khakis Wireframes

Bills Khakis Wireframes


Email marketing

In the e-commerce world, email marketing is everything. Working with an iconic, quality-conscious brand like Bills Khakis, it’s crucial to carry the brand’s voice and style through to email newsletters.

Our design team creates and executes visually stunning and conversion-focused email newsletters for every season, every type of product. From announcing a sale to showing off a new line of products, every Bills Khakis email is individually crafted to represent the brand and capture Bills’ “Cut and sewn in the U.S.A.” spirit.

With emails rolling out twice weekly, it’s important to keep each individual email unique, fresh, and full of visual interest. In addition to bringing engaged, ready-to-convert customers to the Bills Khakis website from each email’s leading message, each blast includes a list of special, featured products.

Each send is obsessively tuned for click and conversion optimization – engaging as many customers as possible through the visual design of the emails, the interest of the message, and the rich heritage and quality of the Bills Khakis brand itself.

One experience for every device

When we redesigned the Bills Khakis website, we knew it was crucial for the experience to be great across any device, from the average smartphone to the largest desktop. We engineered a beautiful responsive design with a unified experience across every device, enhancing the rich qualities of the Bills Khakis brand while being completely conversion-focused in areas where it counts the most.

Bills Khakis Responsive Web Design

Expressing the Bills Khakis heritage

An image-conscious brand with rich history needs to be able to tell a story without interfering with the shopping experience. Our solution is the “Our Heritage” area of the Bills Khakis website – a highly visual experience immersing users in the Bills Khakis story, separate from the e-commerce area of the website, yet also accessible from appropriately placed links within the e-commerce experience.

Bills Khakis Our Heritage page

If it looks good in the pictures…

It’s no secret that seeing products in action – specifically seeing the fit and styling of menswear – helps sell product and build interest. That’s why we recommended and built the Bills Khakis Style Guide, a lookbook-style area of that shows off each seasonal product line in action with links to products within the online shop.

Bills Khakis Style Guide

Shopping experience

For a company like Bills Khakis, the shopping experience is everything. It’s an extension of the brand and it needs to serve a diverse audience on all devices. Our responsive shopping experience is designed for ease of use across devices and serves as a funnel into the conversion-oriented Checkout process.

Bills Khakis Shopping experience

Streamlined checkout process

Beyond the shopping experience itself, it’s important to keep users focused on completing the checkout process as quickly as possible. Bills Khakis keeps up their end of the job with their internally-housed, lightning-fast shipping department, and it’s on our team to design and optimize the checkout process for speed, efficiency, and minimized distractions.

The checkout experience, like the rest of the website, was carefully strategized, wireframed, designed, and developed for optimal usability on all devices and screen sizes.

Bills Khakis Checkout

Everything we do for Bills Khakis needs to be exciting and easy to use on any sort of device. Representing the Bills Khakis brand digitally means carefully crafting every screen and interaction as if they were as well-made as a pair of all-American khakis.


When it comes to managing thousands of different product variations for a company that thrives on its online shopping experience, we need to rely on the tools we’re using. For Bills Khakis, that means Magento, an open source e-commerce platform chosen by retailers worldwide.



Interactive Media Awards

  • Consumer Goods – Best in Class Award 2014

Cut, quality, consistency, authenticity.

The folks at Bills Khakis believe that a pair of khakis is only as good as how well they fit you. We feel the same about web presence. Every aspect of their digital marketing, from website to campaigns, has been custom tailored to fit the brand and make customers comfortable, and it looks pretty darn good too.

Working with Liquid on the complete re-thinking/re-design of was a very inspirational and successful project. The goal was to move our site from a static support of our catalog strategy, to a responsive site capable of supporting our e-marketing strategies going forward. The insight that was brought to the table by Liquid both pushed our own internal thinking and brought general best practice to a culmination of what the new site is today. That, along with pushing the boundaries of what was already out in the market, while tempering it to our current customers’ expectations, made this project a very successful venture. The amount that Liquid was able to architect the UX, based on all of these factors, was a direct credit to their ability to delve deeply into our company’s core, as well as our long term strategies. We view Liquid as an extension of Bills Khakis, which is why both parties succeeded in meeting all of our goals, and will continue to moving forward.
– John Dever III, VP Operations, Bills Khakis