Health Partners Plans is a not-for-profit, managed care health organization serving more than 187,000 members in the Greater Philadelphia region. It provides a broad range of health coverage options through Health Partners Medicare, Health Partners for Medicaid recipients and its KidzPartners CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) plan.

The organization recently expanded into the Medicare space, partnering with Liquid to deliver the best possible online experience for new members and further promote HPP’s emphasis as a keystone of the community. HPP tasked Liquid with completely redesigning its corporate website in a multi-phased process, creating a strategy for a brand-new Medicare website, and a portal for the Health Partners Plans network of Medicare brokers. Each property would need to be easily maintained by HPP staff while meeting high levels of usability and accessibility.


Introduce new branding

Each website launch was carefully planned to coincide with the launch of the new Health Partners Plans branding, taking care to maintain some familiarity in transitioning from the old branding to the new.

Create a responsive design

Liquid and Health Partners Plans recognized the growing use of mobile devices and committed to creating each element of the project with a modern responsive design, allowing for a positive experience on any platform or device.

Educate, educate, educate

As a core principle of the organization’s place in the community, the new Health Partners Plans website was designed with an emphasis on educating its members and visitors about health and wellness, HPP programs and events, and improving the overall quality of life for the community.


Cleaning house and re-architecting

It was important for us to fully understand the goals and needs of Health Partners Plans. After our discovery sessions, we worked closely with Health Partners Plans to inventory all current content and develop a new content map to combine multiple websites’ worth of content into one new corporate website with a consistent tone of voice and clear messaging.

Health Partners Plans website

Building an audience for a new brand

We do more than just build Health Partners Plans’ web properties. With a newly rebranded organization with a brand new Medicare offering, we took on the ultra-competitive pay-per-click (PPC) market during Medicare open enrollment. As we enjoy success with the geo-targeted campaign, our strategy is growing and evolving through landing pages and larger budgets. We believe it’s essential to not only drive patients and website users to the website, but to provide value along the way. We take advantage of Health Partners Plans’ ability to provide friendly approaches to reach out to patients including information kits, home visits, phone calls, and contact forms. Between our PPC expertise and HPP’s customer-centric philosophy, this campaign is a winner for everyone.


Clean creativity for every device

Embracing the modern responsive web design (RWD) spirit, we opted for a clean, flatter-feeling look and feel after much consideration and discussion with the HPP team.


Easy to use and easy to manage

Using open source ASP.NET CMS Umbraco, we developed every Health Partners Plans web property in a way that enables the HPP team to manage their own content while still maintaining integrity on the front end.

Multi-tiered user groups? No problem.

Health Partners Plans and the Liquid team worked together to build an entirely new Broker Portal to serve the new brokers and agents of HPP’s new Medicare offering. The Broker Portal included a tiered user group system with valuable tools and resources in an easy-to-use, responsive interface – including functionality to complete agent certification, and the ability to generate a unique Authorized Agent Card PDF on the fly.


A resounding success

As the web evolves and mobile devices proliferate, it’s more important than ever to design fully responsive websites that are optimized for each and every device and screen size, while also actively promoting them through external pay-per-click campaigns. As more of HPP’s members rely on mobile devices for health information, Health Partners Plans will continue to advance and grow along with its web properties.


  • Horizon Interactive Awards 2014

    Websites: Silver, Responsive/Mobile Design

  • Horizon Interactive Awards 2014

    Websites: Gold, Health/Human Services

  • Interactive Media Awards 2014

    Healthcare: Outstanding Achievement Award

  • Summit Creative Awards 2014

    Silver Award – Healthcare/Medicine Website