Nearly 20 years ago, we sat down with the Mack Trucks team to build the company’s very first website. Thousands of pages and numerous national awards later, what we’ve really forged is a mutual respect – and a relationship that’s stood the test of time.

We’ve steered Mack Trucks through every digital generation since. Just like Mack’s core business of producing the toughest trucks on (and off) the road, we’ve seen trends come and go, products evolve, and technology change.


In 1995, when we cold called Mack Trucks to see if they needed help building a website, their response was, “what’s a website?” That just goes to show how long we’ve been in the game. Liquid has been the strategic partner guiding Mack along the digital path for the better part of two decades. From ecommerce to display ads, custom applications to mobility, Liquid continues to move Mack forward in the digital arena.

We began the journey with a single three-page website. Today Liquid guides the digital presence for Mack throughout not only their corporate website – which has grown to over 200 pages – but also the Mack Shop, 11 international sites, the eMedia documentation platform, display advertising and a handful of microsites.


The Mack bulldog is iconic; even to those who’ve never climbed inside a Mack truck, it’s instantly recognizable. The creative we develop for Mack is tasked with equaling the quality level of the trucks themselves, and remaining as consistent to the brand as the bulldog. Mack has depended on us to develop rich and unique brand experiences. We’ve consistently raised the bar with every new iteration, winning awards along the way, including at one point being recognized as one of the 10 best B-to-B websites of the year by BtoB Magazine (now AdAge).

As technology evolves with new platforms popping up everywhere, we remain dedicated to ensuring Mack is on the cutting edge. With the rise of the smartphone, and the reality that mobile browsing has overtaken the desktop experience, mobile design has been a primary focus in recent years. The latest redesign is a fully responsive browsing experience delivering all new content that every visitor can easily view no matter what device or operating system they may be using. The new website also incorporates Mack’s new logo and brand standards, which will be implemented across the other 11 international sites as well.
The newly redesigned

Technology Dealer Locator
The Dealer Locator

Mack’s web presence has as many moving parts as a truck engine, and like the engine, all the pieces must work together to keep Mack moving forward. Every one of those parts has a unique function, and is fine-tuned to deliver business value across their global network of dealers, distributors and customers.

An enterprise content management system houses the core website components. Across the website properties, some of the technologies involved are SiteCore, Microsoft Nav, Eloqua CRM, Microsoft Azure, Hedgehog Team Development for SiteCore (TDS), Microsoft’s Team Foundation Service (TFS), Lucene, jQuery, C#.NET, Omniture Analytics, CSS 3.0, and Media Queries.


Our track record of success with Mack Trucks is almost as storied as our 20-year relationship. (Almost.)

Lehigh Valley ADDY Awards

  • Event Microsite – Silver Award 2013
  • – Bronze Award 2010

Interactive Media Awards

  • Event Microsite – Best in Class Award 2013
  • eCommerce – Outstanding Achievement Award 2013
  • Event Microsite – Best in Class Award 2012

Summit Creative Awards

  • Event Microsite – Bronze Award 2013
  • – Silver Award 2010

Summit Emerging Media Awards

  • Event Microsite – Innovator Award 2012
  • – Leader Award 2009

B-to-B Magazine

  • – 10 Great B-to-B Sites

Horizon Interactive Awards

  • – Silver Award 2009

Omni Awards

  • – Bronze Award 2009