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About Us

Our fire is continually fueled by a longstanding record of success, a deeply held belief in helping others, and an obsessive desire to master any digital challenge.

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A passion for digital makes us a truly special team. Here's a taste.

What do we mean by “Making Digital Work”?

Put simply, it's our brand promise. We believe in the transformational power of a finely crafted digital asset or service, whether it's a game-changing tech deployment or a targeted digital marketing campaign… and everything in between. It's our business to leverage the digital landscape so that our partners can succeed.

Our Principles:

  • Measure twice, cut once
  • Listen, learn, then strategically move
  • Make positive and lasting impacts on customers
  • Invest in and retain real talent
  • Complex challenges always bring out our best
  • Uncover opportunities not visible to the naked eye
  • Solve problems that need solving, in-house
  • Customer relationships matter above all
Group of Liquid Employees Smiling

Our Team

We're a collaborative group of expert thinkers, planners, creators, coders, and strategists who all share a common desire to Make Digital Work.

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Making Digital Work Since 1994

Liquid began as the vision of CEO Jim Ludlow, a consummate businessman who took his vast corporate experience into the booming frontier of digital marketing services. His vision has never waned, and his spirit of serving the greater good remains uncompromised.
Today, Liquid Headquarters occupies the first floor of a bustling corporate center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where our multi-disciplinary teams of technologists, project managers, sales professionals, creatives, operations professionals, and digital marketing gurus make magic on a daily (and sometimes nightly) basis.