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Dolan Kutzman Promoted to Design Team Lead

Please join us in celebrating Dolan Kutzman’s promotion to Design Team Lead.

His promotion not only recognizes Dolan’s incredible talent but also his extensive track record of leading by example.

Vice President of Creative, Jason Mastroianni, shared, “I’ve worked closely with Dolan for a long time. Over those years he has consistently created jaw-dropping things and displayed a versatility you can’t help but admire. Most importantly, he’s shown that he is a great teammate and someone who can effortlessly collaborate across the entirety of Liquid. He’s a perfect fit for Design Team Lead and I’m excited for him to get started.”

As the Design Team Lead, Dolan will help supervise workflow, quality assurance, and other crucial activities within the design subset of the Creative team.

On his promotion, Dolan shared, “I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help lead the Creative team to be the absolute best it can be so that we can continue to produce work that our clients love, and that we can be proud of.”

Dolan has made meaningful contributions to many of our clients over the years, contributing to award-winning campaign launches and recently unveiling Liquid’s first-ever 3D animation for our client Blue Ridge last year.

In his new role, he’ll continue to design across different mediums and channels. In addition to that, he’ll also look to make continuous improvements to the Creative team’s tools and processes, offer design feedback, work closely with our sales team on solution development, serve as a thought leader for Liquid, and more.

Next month, Dolan will celebrate his 8th anniversary at Liquid.

“After almost 8 years of working at Liquid, I’m still humbled every day by the kindness, dedication, and knowledge of the entire Liquid team, and I feel so grateful to be able to collaborate with such a skilled group of industry experts. Our Creative team is stacked with incredible talent, and I have so much admiration and respect for each member of my team,” said Dolan.

The feeling’s mutual! Cheers to you, Dolan!