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Your 6 Step Guild to Starting a Project

Getting a project started can be a daunting task. It’s likely the first impression you’ll have with a client and the perfect time to establish expectations, roles, and responsibilities.  Ultimately, a proper kickoff sets the stage for a successful project.  While every organization will approach beginning a project differently, following these few steps will create a solid foundation for nearly any effort.

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Become a Better Project Manager by Better Managing Yourself

If you have any job function where you manage others, especially in an agency setting, you know that the phrase “organized chaos” may come to mind when describing the day-to-day. With almost 3 years under my belt as a Project Manager at Liquid, seeing projects and clients come and go, I think I’m pretty well qualified to outline some tips (and gifs) to help you keep all the plates spinnin’ and hold on to your sanity in the process.

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Like you, we're passionate businesspeople at the end of the day. That’s the hallmark of our existence. Nothing inspires us more than building unique digital pathways that help businesses transform and optimize their platforms and processes.

Whether it's new or improved sales approaches, customer experiences, or overall culture fixes, we can build highly technical, highly specialized digital solutions that answer the call. We help your business meet its rapidly changing digital marketplace, head-on.

This is our promise to make digital work for you.

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Decades ago, Liquid was founded on the belief you do things the right way and for the right reasons. This promise of Making Digital for Good remains our cornerstone.

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