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Email Marketing Campaigns for the Win

Email marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach qualified customers. How are your outreach activities going? The investment return on your email marketing success directly correlates to the planning and execution of your program.

Are you ready to start sending? Or, a better question may be … are you equipped?

More and more businesses are turning to a strategically designed email marketing program – and for good reason. Email generates an average return of $44 for every $1 spent on email marketing, research shows. With the right resources, email marketing can be a proven and dependable tactic for your content marketing program.

Success Begins with Strategy

We can help set the course for your email marketing success. Whether it's engaging weekly sends or a full-blown drip campaign, your email program will benefit from the intense scrutiny of our multi-disciplinary team that features specialists in content marketing, copywriting, graphic design, and user experience.

Our team can optimize your opportunity to reach certain segments of their audience with ultra-personalized content. Not only that, but with experience in more than a dozen email platforms, we're able to recommend the right platform for your program.

We'll help you develop a successful strategy for distributing your latest blog post, sharing an offer, following up with a lead, or other targeted messaging. It's important that you send the right message, on the right day, and at the right time.

Give Your Audience a Reason to Open

Your audience is intimately familiar with receiving email – hundreds, and even thousands, of messages a day for some. That's both an opportunity and an obstacle when you consider how common it is for users to delete unappealing, mundane messages like yesterday's trash.

Big or small, no brand is immune to recipients opting out of email and newsletters subscriptions. That's why we build your email program with a plan for continued list growth by using tried and true best practices for new audience development and list attrition rate reduction.

Our team is highly knowledgeable about important factors that impact an email's success, such as what kind of subject lines prompt opens, which calls-to-action will gain click-throughs to your website, and the best times of day to send your messages. Our partnership includes engaging copywriting and email layout, as well as scheduling and response measurement. We're a one-stop shop when it comes to highly effective, custom email marketing programs.

Custom Designed from In-House Designers

It's imperative that your emails carry an eye-catching, difference-making appeal – on all platforms. We'll design and develop email templates specifically for your brand voice and identity that display correctly on all devices and platforms.

Our in-house creative team features specialists with dozens of content marketing campaigns under their belts. It makes a difference when you know the value of effective email designs that reflect your unique brand appeal and audience profile.

We also take into consideration factors such as trends that show more than half of emails are opened on mobile devices, which dramatically affects how your emails should be sized and formatted for optimal design and messaging.