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Reduce Risk, Improve Your Understanding

You've likely heard the adage, "Look before you leap." Market Research offers the smartest look, the best perspective you can prepare yourself with before you take a fundamental leap into any new digital marketing effort. There's too much at risk if you don't do your homework.
That's why Market Research becomes a valuable part of every digital marketing service we provide. It's the best way -- the only way, really -- to pinpoint digital strategies that put your business in its optimal position to succeed.

Improve Your Listening Skills

Listening is truly learning when it comes to getting to know your customers. An in-depth understanding of their needs, wants, and pain points is the best way to build stronger, more connected relationships.
Our multi-disciplinary digital strategy team employs a series of research activities that includes best-practice market research and quantifiable data analysis. It's vital to ensure we're solving the correct business problem – which is quite often not the most visible and obvious challenge.

Market Research includes:

  • Media intelligence: social and editorial media content referring to your brand is gathered and analyzed through data mining
  • Keyword research: the top words and phrases aligning with your business and customers are revealed through SEO activities
  • Competitive research: similarities between you and your competitors are explored and opportunities within your field are uncovered
  • Surveys & focus groups: direct feedback is collected from your target audience to inform better understanding about their needs and preferences

Connect on a Deeper Level

Market Research processes are tremendously important to all of our disciplines, because they ensure we’re consistently learning your business at a deeper level and with a keener sense of context.

After all, it's far too easy for a business to head down the wrong discovery track by basing decisions on inferior data and incorrect assumptions. It happens way more often than you might think.

Along with accountability, our processes also allow us to establish valuable touchpoints with you and your business along the way. At various points we're able to communicate, ask questions, and fine tune our findings, forging a deeper understanding of your business and its goals.

Each of these six key activities play a pivotal role in our Market Research process:

  1. Define the Research Objective or Hypothesis
  2. Determine the Research Tactic(s) and Develop the Research Plan
  3. Collect Data
  4. Analyze What's Collected
  5. Visualize and Communicate the Results
  6. Take Action

Keep in mind, our digital strategy team involves Market Research in virtually all of our services. This powerful insight provides us with a foundational layer of learning and understanding about who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish for your business.