Interacting with the Sitecore Maps Plugin

Interactive and Customizable Maps Sitecore Plugin

Interactive and Customizable Maps Sitecore Plugin

The Bing Maps Locator is a Sitecore module that provides a stable, dependable map component for your website or application development. It’s a fresh, open-source design with an advanced feature-set that contains a full array of functionality for your application.

From the GUI, users simply enter search terms into the input field and will be provided with relevant, predetermined locations based on geolocation.

This is a clean and robust module that is built using the latest Sitecore technology. Website administrators will quickly and easily add and customize this module in the back office.

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The Bing Maps Locator will provide the following features:

  • Backend management of pin locations
  • Searching and filtering by latitude and longitude reference
  • Control of map view options, enhanced aerial or roadview
  • Map feature-set selection, including zoom in/out function
  • Management of map account - API Key
  • Address search bar

  • Sitecore version 9.2+ (MVC)
  • Bing Maps API Key

This module will be cross-browser compatible with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Chrome
  • Windows (81.0.4044.113+)
  • Mac OS (81.0.4044.113+)
  • Firefox 75+

As part of our End User Demo, the Liquid team has entered the location of our main office in Allentown, Pennsylvania. In addition, we added six additional US-based "dummy" locations that would optimize the demonstration experience. Simply follow the steps below and you will see how your own customers would benefit from this easy-to-use plug-in.

Step 1: At the top left corner of the map begin entering the street address of either your current location or that of the location you are searching around. The map will produce options for you to select as you continue to enter the location address.

(NOTE: You may enter the street address beginning with the number or by simply entering the street name. You may not use a zip code or city name only).

Step 2: Select the best possible location offered for the address you entered.

Step3: Watch the map produce the closest of our seven demonstration locations. You can click on that location to see the address and pin location information provided.

That's it! Short, sweet, and easy for your customers to use. If adding this to your current instance of Sitecore seems like a great idea, you can download it from the Sitecore Marketplace by clicking on the "Download Now" link below.

Thanks for checking out our Sitecore Plug-in!

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