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URL Redirect Manager

URL Redirect Manager

The URL Redirect Manager is a Sitecore plugin that reduces wasted time and resources spent managing and troubleshooting URL redirects. Editors can now gain a stronger sense of control and ownership of their website development and management.

Additionally, this plugin can be an enabling tool for editors wanting valuable SEO control – it’s designed to be easily accessible and helps minimize the need for additional development resources.

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The URL Redirect Manager plug-in provides the following features:

  • Rapid creation of server-wide and site-specific redirects, including vanity URLs
  • Dynamic Sitecore webpage redirecting
  • Site specific request formatting to redirect and reformat incoming URLs for improved SEO
  • Customization for all redirects include:
    • Permanent and Temporary status codes
    • Query string preservation support
    • Ability to match incoming requests based on patterns

  • Sitecore version 9+