12 Days of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI)

On the first day of Christmas, my agency gave to me… some more marketing tips for free!

GenAI this, GenAI that — you know it's here to stay, based sheerly on the amount of conversation about it, but have you given it a try?

As a holiday gift to you, we sourced some ideas for leveraging generative artificial intelligence from across the Liquid team!

Whether you’re wrapping up a few projects before the end of the year or are looking for ways to change up your process in 2024, consider giving any number of these ideas a try!


Day 1: Repurpose content

Blog posts into social posts. Emails into ads. A whitepaper into a video concept.

Marketers are the kings and queens of repurposing! And why not let GenAI give you a head start?

Paste in or upload your original piece of content and prompt a GenAI tool to create 2-3 other versions of it, including details like character limits or platforms in your prompt.


Day 2: Act as your proofreader

Remember that time you proofed your email or action plan what felt like a minimum of 10 times and you STILL missed that typo?

Or the time you were stuck knowing your phrasing could be improved but just not knowing HOW?

An AI tool or plug-in could be just what you needed, not only correcting any mistakes but, in some cases, making suggestions to add more clarity to your documents and communication.


Day 3: Understand industry trends and news

We're constantly consuming content around news and trends related to the industries we serve.

In certain cases, we can lean on the ability of GenAI tools to accurately summarize anything from a news article to a research report as well as pull information from wide-ranging sources  — all in an effort to help us stay in-the-know and ahead-of-the-game, where we can.


Day 4: Produce new ideas or inspiration

Sometimes the ideas are flowing — aaaaand sometimes, they're just not.

The next time you're working on new marketing concepts or headlines, turn to a GenAI tool to serve as your "brainstorming buddy" or source of inspiration. Try different prompts that include details like voice, tone, seasonality, character limits, and more to see what kind of ideas you can [collectively] come up with!


Day 5: Solve coding challenges or debug code

Most developers have spent their fair share of time on sites like Stack Overflow, both sharing and sourcing programming knowledge.

However, GenAI tools like ChatGPT offer an alternative destination for developers faced with a challenge, offering an instant and personalized answer compared to wading through good (and sometimes bad) answers on a more forum-like site. Give it a try!


Day 6: Generate social post ideas

Ever have a great photo — maybe something from your last company party that showcases your culture perfectly — but you're stuck on a caption?

Or maybe you need some seasonal ideas that are relevant to your business?

You can leverage a tool like
ChatGPT to start generating some ideas. Or, many social media management tools have begun to build functionality like this directly into the tool!


Day 7: Edit photos to better suit designs

Remember the last time you had to perform some "Photoshop magic?" Maybe you needed to extend a photo or remove something from it for it to better fit your design.

Many design tools, including Adobe's suite, have introduced GenAI features, allowing you to quickly add/remove/extend while also matching lighting, adding appropriate shadows, scaling properly, and more!


Day 8: Draft blog post outlines

It usually starts with a blank page — but it doesn't have to!

If you've got an idea for a blog post but could use some further direction or want to ensure you're hitting all the important tools, ask GenAI to create an outline for you. From there, you can flesh it out with your own perspective and data, leaving you in a much better place to start writing!


Day 9: Draft backlink request emails for SEO

You've got to really nail your backlink request email! It's the best shot you've got at your outreach resulting in a quality backlink and another vote of confidence for your site in Google's eyes.

Our SEOs have leveraged GenAI tool to write a first draft of this outreach — and then further personalizing and making more compelling from there!


Day 10: Perform industry research

What are the pros and cons of a certain marketing approach? What's a good benchmark for a certain marketing metric?

GenAI platforms like ChatGPT can be used as glorified search engines, rounding up what might be hundreds of articles worth of insight into a nice synopsis to help you work through a strategy or add further context to a report.


Day 11: Draft meeting recaps

A lot can be discussed in even a 30-minute meeting, let alone a lengthy discovery or presentation.

Consider some of the latest GenAI plug-ins that can create a first draft of meeting notes for you. Spend less time on documenting next steps, and more on actually taking them!


Day 12: Generate Regular Expressions (RegEx)

There's no developer that wouldn't accept a time-saver!

Next time you need to generate RegEx, consider one of the free or paid GenAI tools that, with the right prompt, can help you do so.


Considering how you can combine good strategy and the use of GenAI to better market, create, code, project manage, and more? Drop us a line!

Happy holidays from Liquid!