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Analytics: Understanding & Acting on Your Data

With the world moving into the digital space so rapidly, it has become an important part of every business to have an online presence. Understanding how your digital marketing fits into the grand scheme of things is a big part of being successful on the internet.

Your website and your digital marketing efforts will not be used effectively if you cannot discern what is working well and what isn’t. The beauty of marketing in a digital format is that you can see almost immediately how an initiative is performing through the data it generates.

Don’t Be Afraid of Numbers

Every digital code leaves a trail that you can follow. With so much information available, the task of weeding through it all can seem daunting. The key to making smart decisions when it comes to digital marketing is to look at the right data and use it to your advantage.

At our most recent Lunch & Learn @ Liquid, we dug into this topic, talking about the kinds of information best used for digital efforts and how to make sense of it all. For those of you who couldn’t make it out in person, you can watch the video below.