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We're proud to share our portfolio of successful projects. Each one represents a partnership and a relationship with clients we honor and respect.

Scroll down to browse through our work samples, and please don't hesitate to Contact Us to discuss a solution – or just brainstorm an idea – that'll help grow your business.

Samples of Our Finest Projects

Blue Ridge Cable Billboard
Blue Ridge

Full Digital Transformation

A full-service partnership, Liquid guided this tv, voice, and internet provider through a major redesign that reflects their move into higher technology and a wider breadth of services. Liquid helped establish a new voice and tone suitable for a trustworthy regional leader in household media services.
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Crayola Website
Crayola Experience

Colorful Web Adventures

Crayola and Liquid enjoy a long partnership that includes creating cutting-edge interactive applications for their audiences. In this case, Liquid solved Crayola’s visual and technical challenges by creating its "Crayola My Way” tool to offer users product customization.
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Egoscue Website and App
The Egoscue Method

Therapeutic Redesign

This was a unique opportunity for the Liquid team to flex its creative and technical muscles through design, development, strategy, and innovation. Because Egoscue is a visually-oriented treatment, imagery played a key role in the website strategy and redesign. Our partnership also featured updates to “E-Pete” posture-tracking, AI-driven software for use in diagnosing treatment.
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GOLD Credit Union Website on Phones
GOLD Credit Union

Personable Rebranding

When a small local brand wants to make a big splash, you often need to start from scratch, and that's essentially how this credit union relationship began. We interviewed everyone from executives to member service representatives in order to capture their true essence, and then we built a roadmap for full-scale rebranding success.
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Mack Trucks Website
Mack Trucks

Heavy-Duty Website

Mack Trucks partnered with Liquid more than 20 years ago in the development of the trucking giant's first website. That project morphed into the ideal partnership that's included multiple custom application projects. We're proud to be helping Mack do business more efficiently.
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Blue Ridge HomeFi Animated Promo Videos
Blue Ridge

Animated Promo Videos

To make Blue Ridge's high-tech signature products more relatable in advertisements without live actors, we designed a stylized universe of animated characters to serve as stand-ins for customers in an ongoing series of videos.
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BIC Website on Laptop

Design & Marketing Support

Liquid serves BIC as a lead technical partner and also provides strategic design support. We help this global brand with finding new avenues to sell its products online and increasing its worldwide visibility. We partnered with BIC in the design and development of several new product pages, including a slick custom lighter generator.
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Asbury Carbons Website
Asbury Carbons

Image Revitalization

It was an honor to partner up with this 120-plus year-old business that has a tremendous legacy in their industry and community. Through this website redesign, Liquid helped the global raw materials supplier establish messaging and visuals that reinforce their position as an industry authority.
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Volvo Trucks Website on Tablets

Holistic Experience Design

Liquid's partnership with Volvo Trucks North America assists the global brand in reaching its continental customers, dealers, and employees. Our team enjoyed this challenging project while developing more than a dozen custom business applications.
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Precision Medical Website
Precision Medical

Feature-Rich E-Commerce

The B2B space requires a strong loyal connection to its customers. Liquid helped Precision Medical build an attractive, feature-rich website featuring an e-commerce and promotional foundation to better solidify its personalized connection to customers.
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Blue Ridge Yuletide Tech 4K Video
Blue Ridge

Holiday Video

Blue Ridge wanted a playful holiday video that showcased its impressive portfolio of high-tech services, so we delivered informative yuletide cheer with a live-action romp inspired by Christmas classics.
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The Liquid Promise

Like you, we're passionate businesspeople at the end of the day. That’s the hallmark of our existence. Nothing inspires us more than building unique digital pathways that help businesses transform and optimize their platforms and processes.

Whether it's new or improved sales approaches, customer experiences, or overall culture fixes, we can build highly technical, highly specialized digital solutions that answer the call. We help your business meet its rapidly changing digital marketplace, head-on.

This is our promise to make digital work for you.

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Decades ago, Liquid was founded on the belief you do things the right way and for the right reasons. This promise of Making Digital for Good remains our cornerstone.

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