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Jason Mastroianni Promoted to Vice President of Strategy

We’re excited to announce that Jason Mastroianni, formerly Head of Strategy, has been promoted to Vice President of Strategy at Liquid.

Jason Mastroianni, VP of Strategy at Liquid

When asked about the new role, President Doug Mancini said, “I am very proud to announce the promotion of Jason Mastroianni to Vice President of Strategy.  Jason’s new role speaks not only to his personal qualifications but also to Liquid’s continued commitment to guiding our customers through an everchanging digital landscape. As many companies pause to inspect their post-pandemic approach to customer experience, Jason is instrumental in solving complex business problems built to succeed in the realities of today. Jason and Liquid’s strategic service offerings are in high demand.”

As the Vice President of Strategy, Jason will continue to help lead our experience design team by overseeing the product and process of that core discipline. In his new role, Jason will also join Liquid’s extended leadership team – working directly with Liquid’s executives to help shape the future of the organization so we can continue to best meet the needs of our awesome clients.

“The first thing that comes to mind is my excitement and how thrilled I am to have been given the opportunity. I’m fortunate to work with incredibly talented people that are philosophically aligned. The future is bright and I can’t wait to help shape it for Liquid.” – Jason on his new role.