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Liquid and Lexer Begin Strategic Partnership

Liquid is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Lexer, a global market-leading Customer Data Platform, as part of Liquid’s continued focus on customized business solutions that empower companies in their digital transformation journey. 

“As customer experiences enter more digital channels, business leaders are challenged to connect customer data spread across multiple systems and departments. This solution helps Liquid make digital work for clients by unlocking data to pave the way for better, more personalized customer experiences,” said Kurt Cannon, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Liquid.

“With this partnership, businesses can navigate omnichannel complexity to create a single view of the customer and achieve competitive advantage with measurable results. Liquid has always remained committed to being on the cutting edge to spot trends and adapt to change to help make digital work for our clients. This partnership reinforces that and fulfills our company mission of making digital for good.”

“We’re delighted to partner with Liquid,” says David Chinn, President at Lexer. “Like Liquid, Lexer’s top priority is creating long-term value for our clients, and in today’s economy, genuinely understanding and engaging customers is the way to remain competitive. Aligning with Liquid to achieve this for our clients is an incredible opportunity.”

About Liquid

Liquid is a leading digital business company based in the Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania. For over 25 years it has matched the strategic needs of its clients, with tailored services and experiences that have enhanced their clients’ customer relationships and grown their businesses.

Liquid’s promise to its clients is to “Make Digital Work.” This promise has been kept for decades executing hundreds of successful digital projects. It has also developed long-term relationships with key industry leaders.

The company has a unique knowledge of digital, combining hundreds of years of technical expertise, with an unparalleled reputation for strategic thinking, cutting edge technology, and professional execution. 

Liquid’s dedicated team of technologists, marketers, and designers are housed under one roof in Allentown, PA. 

About Lexer

Lexer is a CDP partner on a mission to help customer-focused companies drive profitable growth by delivering their customers the experiences they deserve. The company’s next-generation tools unite marketing, sales, and service to help its clients genuinely understand and engage with their customers. Lexer has successfully driven marketing ROI, customer loyalty, and revenue for well-known global brands.

Lexer is more than a technology vendor. With years of experience in the retail space, Lexer’s success team understands the unique challenges retailers face regarding customer analytics. To help clients solve these challenges and drive results fast, the team provides onboarding, implementation, and strategic consulting services.

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Aaron Lombardi

VP, Sales