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My Internship at Liquid: Myths vs. Reality

Internships are filled with stereotypes. And we know them all: An intern keeps to themselves, is asked to complete the work that others don’t want to do, and somehow finds time to fetch coffee for everyone in the office upon request. Prior to starting an internship, most people don’t know what to expect. Many college students just fear the worst and hope for the best. 

My experience at Liquid couldn’t have been further from the stories you hear. From my first day at Liquid where I got to sit in on meetings and observe collaboration within and between departments to company BBQ’s, and developing new skills along the way, there was never a minute where I felt “bored.”

Although my internship at Liquid flew by (didn’t I just start?), there are many things I’ve learned along the way as well as realities I’ve come to discover about interning. 

Myth: As an intern, you’ll work by yourself every day.

Reality: Interns are invited to be a part of, and contribute, during meetings.

The first time I walked into the office I knew that Liquid Interactive was a different kind of company. People were constantly going to and from the breakout rooms to collaborate with each other as well as with clients. Rather than working alone all summer long, I was able to be a part of weekly meetings and work on projects with a variety of people.

Myth: All interns do is get people coffee.

Reality: Interns can be part of company socials and events.

The only cup of coffee I ever got was my own (I didn’t even know how to use the coffee maker until halfway through my internship). Liquid goes above and beyond to foster a fun and inclusive work environment. I was happily surprised to be included in all of their events, from company-wide Cake Days to catered internal Lunch & Learns, and even a BBQ. (Just don’t ask about my performance when it came to lawn games at the BBQ.) I can look back on my internship and say I worked hard, developed valuable new skills, and had fun along the way. 

Myth: You’ll do tedious busywork and not learn a thing as an intern. 

Reality: Interns do meaningful work and gain new skills.

Concluding an internship with a new skillset is not something that every intern can say they had the opportunity to do. As an intern in the Digital Marketing department, I was lucky enough to be exposed to a number of their offerings and help out at different stages in their process. Seeing various digital marketing strategies, putting together ideas and social media posts for a client’s campaign, and learning about how to optimize a company’s marketing efforts are just a few things I learned. These are all skills that I will take with me and build on in the future.

I’m not quite sure how to thank everyone at Liquid enough for taking the time to teach and guide me over the past couple months. This internship experience couldn’t have been more rewarding. I learned new concepts, worked with some great people, and got to be a part of a truly innovative digital marketing agency. I am going to miss the strategy meetings, afternoon cups of coffee, and finding “sleeper agents” throughout the office… Now I just have to figure out a way to share my experience with my friends without them getting jealous.

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