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Liquid Becomes Semrush Agency Partner

We’re excited to announce Liquid’s new designation as a Semrush Agency Partner.

Semrush is an online visibility management and content marketing platform. Given Semrush continues to prove itself as a best-in-class digital marketing tool, Liquid leverages Semrush daily to help build, manage, and track the performance of organic and paid campaigns.

Digital Marketing Team Lead and Lead SEO Strategist, David McDowell, says, "Semrush continues to show a commitment to their users by continuing to evolve their tools, staying on top of trends and changes, in order to help drive success. We share this same philosophy of adaptability and consistent growth which is why we're very excited about this partnership. We look forward to continuing to leverage Semrush for our clients across our service offerings."

Today, Semrush helps more than 7 million marketers globally do their job more effectively and deliver superior results. One in four Fortune 500 companies leverage Semrush’s data and insights.

Liquid is now one of only 300 agencies globally and fewer than five from Philadelphia, PA to New York, New York with this trusted Partner status. Gaining this Partner status required Liquid team members to pass several exams in order to demonstrate our proficiency with the tool and ability to be data-driven and think strategically.

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Emily, says, "With new players popping up what seems to be each month, we're continuously vetting new tools and platforms across the organization. Semrush continues to prove to be a best-in-class solution to support our SEO management, content marketing strategy, and campaign planning, so we're excited about this partnership that shows we're proficient in it's use and committed to leveraging it to its fullest for our clients."

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If you're interested in learning more about how Liquid can support you with an SEO strategy including insights from a tool like Semrush, contact us today!