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Which Video Style Is Best for Your Business? Testimonial vs. Scripted

Stats don’t lie. Online video is in high demand.


Consider the fact that in 202186% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. That is quite dramatic jump from 63% just three years ago.


Furthermore, 84% of customers say they rely on video for making purchasing decisionsrecent studies also show(Source: Wyzowl)


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Which type of video is good for your business?


It really depends. Liquid customers come in many different shapes and sizes, and most have chosen video to boost their digital marketing presence. But needs are determined on a case-by-case basis, after consultation and discovery with our video services team. 


We've produced YouTube video seriescorporate overviews, video news releases, animated explainer videos, and documentary style or broadcast shows for television, to name just a handful of projects.


First, let’s get to know you


Our approach in producing a video starts with us meeting with you and finding out what type of video works best for your needs. A discovery process helps us determine first what role video will play in your marketing.


  • Is there a particular message that will help your business boost awareness

  • Do you have a product that can be best promoted through visual storytelling?

  • Can animation or active demonstration help increase customer understanding?

  • Are you looking to expand your brand into new channels such as YouTube or Vimeo?


These are just examples of topics we dive deeply into as we identify your needs.


Once we establish your needwe then lock in what visual format will best share your message. Typically, this becomes quickly evident during our discovery but it’s not unusual for new ideas to spring up.


Once we know what typewe can begin scripting or concepting, and then proceed to shooting and editing.


Two unique styles: Testimonial vs Scripted


Among our two most common video project types are testimonial style and scripted style videos for product promotion and demonstration.


Testimonial Videos


Testimonial style videos use an interview format or “tell it in your own words” style, with supporting visuals to help round out the story. These videos provide a level of genuine-ness because your story is told through a customer, an employee, or maybe even you yourself.


Here's a great example of a testimonial style video we've recently completed. 



This type of video involves more onsite shooting time to capture the best soundbites from your interviews, plus more cutaway footage because we won’t know exactly what we need until we piece together your story. 


Scripted Videos


Scripted style videos have a more strictly designed storyline and follow a storyboard of visuals that support a written narrative. It’s not uncommon to include a testimonial inside a scripted style video for adding a little human effect.


Unlike a testimonial video, producing a scripted style video involves more upfront time as we research, gather info, and write your script. Our onsite time though is much more efficient because we know exactly the shots we need as dictated by our script. 


Here's a great example of a scripted video we made.



Why Is Video Important for Your Business?


Let’s start with the opening statement of “stats don’t lie.” Cheeky, maybe, but accurate yes. The growth of online video marketing is tremendous and its acceptance by customers is not in question. Widespread use and ROI are music to your ears.


Beyond that, you must consider how video enhances the user experience of your online presence.


  • Video keeps customers on your website or social channel for extended visits

  • Google ranks websites with video higher than those without

  • People like to share video because it’s easy

  • Video helps users gain clarity about your product or service

  • Video is everywhere and can be enjoyed on countless devices


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