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Making Digital Work™ with Liquid

Reinvigorating the Liquid Brand

Before we go any farther, take a quick look around—notice anything different about Liquid?

The new look and feel of our website should be immediately apparent. Like our organization, our logo has been refreshed and streamlined. Like our team, our visual identity has grown bolder and more passionate.

If you dig deeper, you’ll discover that months of soul-searching, quiet introspection, and vigorous internal debate have resulted in a more tightly defined and realistic reflection of our actual selves that positions Liquid and our partners for an even brighter future.

Looking Inward

Since 1995, Liquid has led at the forefront of digital business by providing advanced technology, project management, creative partnerships, sales and operations support, and digital marketing to some of the world’s premier businesses.

Our vision for the future still includes all of those critical pieces of the Liquid puzzle, but after turning our keenly analytical eyes inward, we reviewed our considerable record of past successes and used them as a road-map to even greater success as a versatile digital business partner. Now, we’re proud to present the new Liquid for 2020 and beyond.

Meet Our Team

As we collaborated on the next evolution of Liquid, everyone had a part to play. Each individual brought different strengths, perspectives, and creative energy to the process of reshaping our company from within. We invited a camera crew to spend some time in our office getting to know the team during our transformation, and this is the result.

Making Digital Work™

The work that we do at Liquid is often highly complex, but our new brand promise is simple: we’re committed to Making Digital Work. In adopting and proudly rallying around both interpretations of this philosophy, we create custom digital solutions for our clients, and we ensure that they perform as intended. Wordplay!

Beyond our pledge to Make Digital Work, we also identified other time-tested principles that help guide us:

  • Listen, learn, and act strategically
  • Measure twice, cut once
  • Make positive and lasting impacts on customers
  • Invest in and retain real talent
  • Discover novel, in-house solutions to complex challenges
  • Uncover opportunities not visible to the naked eye
  • Customer relationships matter above all

With a highly collaborative group of expert thinkers, planners, creators, coders, and strategists more than 50 members strong, we’re well-equipped to help your business achieve and exceed your goals through our comprehensive service offerings.

In-House Services

Our talented professionals bring years of industry experience to their respective disciplines, which we’ve realigned into five core categories:

Technology Services

Ecommerce, Full Stack Web Applications, API Systems Integration, Digital Transformation Services, Mobile-First Web and Native Applications, Technology Consulting, Internet of Things (IOT), Agile Workflow and Delivery, and Marketing Technology Implementation. Learn more about our technology services.

Digital Marketing Services

Market Research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Digital Advertising, Email, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services. Learn more about our digital marketing services.

Experience Design Services

Video Production, Animation and Motion Graphics, User Experience (UX) Audits and Analysis, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Editorial, Proofing, UX Design, Responsive Web Design, Research and Discovery. Learn more our experience design services.

Analytics Services

Analytics Transformation, Digital Analytics, Data Visualization and Reporting, Marketing Analytics, CRM Analytics, Experience Optimization. Learn more about our analytics services.

Branding Services

Research, Brand Strategy, Visual Brand Identity Systems, Messaging and Positioning, Brand Guidelines, Brand Workshops, Rollout Planning, Change Management. Learn more about our branding services.

Our Past Guides Our Future

We may be looking to the future with a new visual direction, a new brand promise, and a new website, but our underlying principles have served us and our clients well since Liquid’s founding: we produce exceptional quality work, we stand behind the work that we do with honor and integrity, and we constantly strive to serve the greater good.

“I’m both proud and excited about the new Liquid website that we’ve deployed,” said Doug Mancini, Executive Vice President and COO. “Over the course of more than two decades, we’ve differentiated ourselves from other firms with our continued focus on digital first. This new site speaks directly to the fact that we’re a Digital Business Company and underscores our promise to our customers: We Make Digital Work.”

Now that the Big Reveal is out of the way, we’d love to hear what you think of Liquid’s new look. Drop us a line and let us know!