Bret Ludlow Promoted to Vice President, Strategic Solutions


Bret Ludlow has been promoted to Vice President, Strategic Solutions. He joined Liquid in 2011 and has been innovating ever since. Originally helping to establish the Digital Marketing Department at Liquid, Bret was ultimately promoted as Director of Digital Marketing in 2015. Shortly after this, he transitioned to Director of Business Development in 2016.







Now, he is taking on a different title in 2019 as he once again redefines his role at Liquid. As Vice President, Strategic Solutions Bret will lead the newly implemented Strategic Solutions Team, an inter-departmental team of strategists across all Liquid focus areas created to apply a structured approach to understanding the needs of our core and prospective clients to best support their growth.

Bret and the team will develop customized approaches and solutions for each client aimed at driving results with integrated solutions that leverage technology, digital marketing, branding, data analytics, and digital strategy

This team of leaders at Liquid will continue to drive successful digital transformation and brand evolution efforts for companies across the country.

We are thrilled about this new development within the walls at Liquid and we look forward to welcoming all of the growth and innovation this new venture will bring.