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The Saga of the Intern from the North

Sure, I could have slept in, only to spend my mornings watching Netflix and my afternoons poolside. There are a lot of things I could have done (or in this case, not done) with my vacation. But as my summer comes to an end, I can confidently say that completing an internship at Liquid Interactive was by far the best way I could have spent this summer.

I guess I should have known from the beginning, after interviewing for the position on the morning of my twenty-first birthday, that this place would hold a special place in my heart for months to come.


From piling into the conference room to cheer on the United States in the World Cup to sharing a daily cup of AP (also known as the Afternoon Pot of coffee) with my upstairs co-workers, I’ve made some great memories this summer. Company-wide cake days were never a disappointment. I’ve participated (and lost terribly) in a soccer tournament using straws and cotton balls as well as in an Iron Chef Battle, with Oreos as the secret ingredient.  I’ll definitely be feeling some #FOMO when I leave the crew this fall.

But, aside from being able to brag to my peers about free dessert, I will be coming away from this internship possessing a new depth of knowledge.  With a number of internships and three years of courses under my belt, I was looking for a summer internship in which I could not only apply what I’ve already learned, but also have new experiences.  And Liquid provided me an opportunity to do both.

From contributing to brainstorming sessions to putting together analytics reports and recommendations for the future, I’ve been privileged to see digital marketing campaigns through from start to finish.  I’ve also had the opportunity to contribute to accounts for clients in different industries and in different phases of their digital marketing journey.  I began to feel more like a part-time employee rather than an “intern.” Liquid’s level of expertise, across the board, from strategy to design to technology, is second to none—only surpassed by their willingness to share their expertise with me.

I can’t thank Liquid enough for welcoming me with open arms and making this such an incredible experience!  I’m just hoping they don’t have too much fun without me after I head back to Ithaca.  And hey, a slice of cake can be sent through the mail, right?


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