Lunch And Learn

Content Marketing Success 101

Content Marketing has been described by Seth Godin as all the marketing that’s left.

In our 2017 Q3 Lunch & Learn, we discussed why content marketing is essential to an organization’s success, how to build and document a content marketing strategy, and how to distribute content effectively.

Content marketing is built on the idea you’re going to stop interrupting people by trying to sell to them, and instead create the engaging content that traditional advertising interrupts. By consistently providing valuable, relevant content for every stage of the customer journey, you’ll create relationships with customers built on trust. We always buy from those we trust.

Effective content marketing includes:

  • Establishing a systematic approach
  • Understanding content marketing is an organizational mindset and commitment
  • Thorough research that fuels strategy
  • A deep understand of who buys from you and their journey to get there
  • Utilizing a variety of content types
  • Taking advantage of owned, earned, and paid content

These concepts are just some of the fundamentals that fuel effective content marketing.

Watch the full video on Content Marketing Success 101 for more!

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