SEO in a Micro-Moment Driven World [Infographic]

We can all thank mobile devices for changing our lives. From consumers to business owners, mobile has changed the way we search for information online, and we have come to expect answers instantaneously.

Business owners are now having to solve a new problem; how to capitalize on these new search habits and not fall behind – specifically when it comes to their SEO.

The idea of micro-moments can be intimidating at first, but we all have experienced them in some way. A moment where we turn to our mobile device with a specific need, with an intent to find an answer or buy something to help us.

But how can business owners use micro-moments to fuel their SEO strategy and bring in new leads?

The solution is to understand what your audience needs, and the micro-moments that they might experience that could lead them to your business. Providing answers to a potential customer’s question at the moment they need it can help to improve brand recognition and loyalty.

A successful program in 2017 starts with building your SEO strategy around these moments and putting your customers first.


Want to print a copy to hang by your desk? Download the infographic.

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