Sitecore Content Hub

3-Minute Explainer: How Sitecore Content Hub Will Evolve Your Marketing

Where’s your content?

If you’re like most businesses, your content is all over the place. It’s in the cloud. It’s on websites. It’s in social media campaigns. Print catalogs. On computer hard drives. Many places you may not even know about.

Having a unified approach to managing these assets will help you better unlock the content marketing power of all this work you’ve assembled, plus the projects you plan to achieve.

We can help you with that.


What is Sitecore Content Hub?

Sitecore Content Hub is a key offering by Liquid from the Sitecore digital experience platform team. It empowers you to unify assets, teams, and processes across the entire content lifecycle, and it promotes transparent workflows at all touchpoints. It solves the problem of having multiple platforms performing disjointed tasks and all the additional resource hours you’re spending trying to keep the pieces interconnected.

Content Hub enables your marketing team – however big or small – to provide more streamlined and optimized project deliverables.

Specifically, these are the five components of Content Hub:


Digital Asset Management (DAM)

This valuable module offers a hyper-functional control center for managing all your digital assets, including images, pdfs, copy, video, and even compressed zip files.

Important features: Single storage location with advanced tools and AI technology to create, edit, share, collaborate, and manage digital rights.

What this means for you is efficiency. You can stop wasting time searching through multiple sources and systems looking for those specific assets you need. Now you can centralize all your marketing efforts around this digital asset management solution that seamlessly integrates seamlessly with your CMS.


Content Marketing Platform (CMP)

This is a powerful tool that expands the speed, scale, and quality of your content production to meet the output your project requires. If you’ve ever wanted to initiate a defined content marketing program this will provide an instant boost to your team’s efforts.

Important features: Workflow planning tools for content creation and approvals.

Be confident that content is always ready when needed for all your channels, audiences, campaigns, regions, and any other aspect you hope to target.


Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

Keeping teams focused on a singular outcome can be a major challenge, especially when you have multi-disciplinary skillsets and multiple projects. Get everyone on the same page with visibility and collaboration across the entire content workflow.

Important features: Marketing calendars, creative review systems, and campaign performance dashboards.

Planning efficiency is vital to a productive and ROI-oriented marketing initiative. With MRM you can plan your campaigns to the minutia, develop and share budgets with your team, and have single point visibility for reporting your results.


Product Content Management (PCM)

Running an ecommerce website requires constant renewal of product images and information. Keeping tabs on a large-SKU environment can provide to be a massive challenge for any content team. PCM provides you with a single source of truth for your product content.

Important features: integrated dashboard views for tracking how and where product assets are published across your commerce sites, mobile apps, catalogs, and social channels.


Web to Print

Converting web to print doesn’t need to be complicated nor require outside resources. Content Hub’s Web to Print module allows you to automatically create personalized print collateral for your customers, featuring customizable templates accessible right from the browser.

Important features: advanced online editor, smart templates, design collaboration tools


Where is Your Business Heading, Statistically?

Having an effective content strategy has never been more important for reaching customers across the omnichannel digital experience.

84% of businesses say they have a content strategy

61% rate their content marketing strategy as good or excellent

Source: Semrush

If you’re not in either of those top stats, or if you are but feeling stressed about sustaining your digital content marketing efforts long term, then you’re not alone. Content hub is an excellent tool for keeping pace and planning your current and future content needs.

Liquid can assist you in untapping the potential of your entire content ecosystem. Please contact us today for more information on Content Hub, or any other digital marketing solution.