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How Our Sitecore URL Redirect Manager Helps Users Gain Control

When it comes to creating digital solutions, it's typical you start with a problem. Liquid's digital technology team has set its sights on creating new, innovative Sitecore plugins that solve specific problems and deliver time/cost savings for our Sitecore developer community. The post below is a description of our latest effort.

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Editors working within Sitecore face a common issue in managing their redirect maps. It takes considerable time and resources to undertake a similar and repeatable task. Often, the best-case scenario is paying someone else to come in and manage it for you, giving away your control in the process.

That's where the Sitecore URL Redirect Manager comes into play. It's Liquid's newest plugin, a free download designed with the most up to date Sitecore technology and built to help our fellow editors get their jobs done.

You'll find it here on Github.

What Does It Do?

Convenience and flexibility are two contributing factors in optimizing a website's redirect process. This plugin provides both.

Once installed, the URL Redirect Manager organizes a website's redirect information and provides an easy access data entry point directly in the Sitecore CMS. There the editor can manage redirects on a site-specific basis, or global basis for those having multiple websites.

Editors simply enter the vanity URL or Sitecore page to redirect from and enter new the new destination in the corresponding input area. The plugin allows the editors to set the type of redirect such as Permanent (301) or Temporary (302), and can also allow the redirect to preserve incoming query strings for maintaining UTM parameters that would otherwise be lost on redirect.

More Control of SEO

Editors will be happy to know this plugin brings control of SEO back onto their desktop and into their hands. This is a process typically dependent on additional in-house resources or third-party agency to accommodate.

Having the ability to manage redirects right at their fingertips will allow editors faster turnaround and greater control of their websites' URL structure, making adjustments and trials a practical part of their workflow.

How to Get It?

Liquid's Sitecore URL Redirect Manager will provide editors with a new level of productivity and cost savings is what is typically a time-consuming process. You can acquire the plugin by downloading it, for free, from Github.