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How the Liquid Publishing Owl Sitecore Plugin Saves Users Time

When it comes to creating digital solutions it’s typical you start with a problem. Liquid’s digital technology team has set its sights on creating new, innovative Sitecore plugins that solve specific problems and deliver time/cost savings for our Sitecore developer community. The post below is a description of our latest effort.

To read about our previous Sitecore plugin, please see 3 Reasons to Download Interactive Maps Sitecore Plugin

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Sitecore desktop

How Our Sitecore URL Redirect Manager Helps Users Gain Control

Editors working within Sitecore face a common issue in managing their redirect maps. It takes considerable time and resources to undertake a similar and repeatable task. Often, the best-case scenario is paying someone else to come in and manage it for you, giving away your control in the process. That's where the Sitecore URL Redirect Manager comes into play.

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Sitecore 101: Understanding This Powerful CMS

Have you recently found yourself Googling, “What is Sitecore?”  Or maybe you’ve heard about Sitecore and are considering taking the leap of faith into digital adulthood, so your search is something more like, “Why do I need Sitecore?” or “Why is Sitecore important to a business?”  You may even already be a fully matured Sitecore stalwart but are unsure if you’re maximizing its potential. All great questions.  So, lets jump in.

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There's an Extension for That

The development team here at Liquid has a wonderful culture.  We have running jokes, make silly banter and rib each other on a regular basis.  We each have “specialties” in the humor department.  Some are masters at dry sarcasm.  Some are masters at self-deprecating humor.  Myself?  My specialties are obscure music references and “Dad Humor.”

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Like you, we're passionate businesspeople at the end of the day. That’s the hallmark of our existence. Nothing inspires us more than building unique digital pathways that help businesses transform and optimize their platforms and processes.

Whether it's new or improved sales approaches, customer experiences, or overall culture fixes, we can build highly technical, highly specialized digital solutions that answer the call. We help your business meet its rapidly changing digital marketplace, head-on.

This is our promise to make digital work for you.

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Decades ago, Liquid was founded on the belief you do things the right way and for the right reasons. This promise of Making Digital for Good remains our cornerstone.

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