We recently won a Gold MarCom award for a digital marketing campaign we carried out for one of our longtime clients, Aria Health. We were 1 of only 4 gold-winning entries in the Lehigh Valley. I’d like to tell you a little bit about the motivation behind the winning project, how we pulled it off and the results that it produced.

Aria Health, a community hospital system with top quality care, is located in Northeast Philadelphia & Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Aria had completed a branding campaign just in time for the New Year in 2015, and wanted to share their new look while engaging with and encouraging their followers to embark on a rebranding of their own. With the New Year just weeks old, and prime resolution-making in full swing, everything was perfectly teed up for our Digital Marketing team to roll out the Aria Health New You Instagram Challenge.



Aria challenged their Instagram followers to share pictures of themselves participating in one of six healthy habits being promoted by Aria during the promotion, using the hashtag #AriaNewYou. Each week for six weeks Aria awarded a prize to one randomly selected participant. For the six healthy habits, we chose options that were simple and easy to implement, but still had solid health benefits, including:

  • Eat Breakfast
  • Pack Your Lunch
  • Drink More Water
  • Read
  • Exercise
  • Limit TV Time

Through the promotion, Aria was able to engage and connect with their followers, showcase their branding efforts, and reinforce their reputation as a source of information and inspiration about healthy lifestyle choices. The six-week campaign also generated some impressive stats, not only on Instagram and the challenge’s landing page, where the campaign was based, but also on Facebook and Twitter as a result of cross-promotion.

New You Instagram Challenge Landing Page Stats

  • 1,141 total page views
  • 753 page views where traffic was directly from Facebook
  • 11 page views where traffic was directly from LinkedIn
  • 34 ePulse Newsletter sign-ups

Facebook Stats

  • 297 new Facebook fans
  • 10.4k impressions generated organically from posts
  • 52.1k impressions generated from sponsored posts
  • 21 shares generated from posts

Twitter Stats

  • 48 new Twitter followers

Instagram Stats

  • 196 entries
  • 62 new Instagram followers


Laura Pruitt (Alumni)

About Laura Pruitt (Alumni)

Laura Pruitt served as Liquid’s Marketing & PR Manager. She was responsible for planning and executing Liquid’s marketing efforts, leveraging the skills and expertise available within the Liquid team.