The Secret Sauce: Our Formula for Business Success

Depending upon how closely you follow the Liquid blog, you are likely well aware of the staggering growth seen by our company in 2015.  Last year, in 2016, we were able to take a much-needed breather as the growth settled a bit and we re-established the foundation of a company poised to grow once more.  Well, only ninety days into 2017 we are accelerating once again into a growth phase.  I guess the question is, are we ready? 

Answer – heck yeah! 

2016 was a year of review and introspection, challenging everything we do and why we do it.  We adjusted processes and procedures to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and the demands of an increasingly competitive landscape.  We re-assessed the services we provide, how we provide them and made sure that they align with what our clients need, not just with what we like to do.  As the year ended, Liquid had evolved and changed its recipe a bit, altered its formula, but never touched its Secret Sauce.

The Secret Sauce?  What could be so secret about what’s happening at Liquid that it cannot be found at any other marketing organization?  Well, without sharing so much detail that I find myself in need of a new job, let me lay out what I see as the Secret Sauce that you need to have applied to your marketing efforts. 

It’s actually quite basic and parts of it can be found in many organizations around the world.  The trick is being able to bring it all together and harness its combined power. 

Liquid’s Secret Sauce Formula is … (P2 + 3p) x 2L = Pn.

Here is how it breaks down:

P2 (People Squared): Notice the P is capitalized denoting importance.  Squared you ask?  Hmmm.  Are we “squares?”  Well, maybe some of us are, and more power to ‘em.  But, the technical term is that the “2” is an exponent denoting the power by which something is raised.  Basically, our people are the exponential factor in the horsepower that comes from Liquid.  They exponentially raise our capability, our creativity, and our credibility as industry leaders.


3p (passion, perfection and preparation):  While all lower case in our formula, they are no less valuable to the Secret Sauce.  In every client engagement, we add a heaping tablespoon of pure, unadulterated passion for what we do.  It oozes from us all day – almost to the point where we argue about who is more passionate.  What??  Then, we always add an even teaspoon of perfection.  Why only a teaspoon, you might ask?  Well, in this joint just about everybody’s middle name is perfectionist.  Add more than a teaspoon of that around here and I am honestly not sure what would happen.  What I do know is that a modest teaspoon in the sauce yields wonders for our clients.  Lastly, we add a boat load (no, not a true measurement in most ways) of preparation.  While obviously logical, this ingredient can be easily missed in the formula of a fast-paced marketing organization in a dynamically changing digital world.  Preparation at Liquid means taking the time to meet, to collaborate, to brainstorm.  Do it often. 


2L (simply, Love and Laughter):  Now, don’t go grabbing your tissues, but yes, we sprinkle just a bit of love into everything we do at Liquid.  Heck, our primary brand color is “Heart Throb Red,” no joke.  We love what we do, why we do it, and doing it as a team.  Love of one’s work is essential and it shows at Liquid.  And, of course, who could ever forget that little medicine cup that your mother made you drink that icky pink goo from.  Well, we fill that with some of the greatest laughter you will hear and toss it in for good measure.  Because what good is anything in life if you cannot enjoy it?


Pn (Performance to the nth power):   Our Secret Sauce provides supercharged performance for our clients.  It is the only measurement that matters.  Did your marketing dollars perform for you or not?  What else would you ask?  What else would we ask? 

Only ninety days into 2017 and the Secret Sauce at Liquid has never been better.  This is going to be a good one so make sure get yours before … no, we’re not running out. 

Need a dash of secret sauce added to your brand’s marketing? Let’s chat.

Kurt Cannon

About Kurt Cannon

Kurt is the Vice President, Client Engagement at Liquid Interactive. Kurt leverages his more than 15 years of senior leadership experience to oversee the client experience at Liquid. He is responsible for the creation of new, meaningful services in the market, the strategic application of those services for our clients, and exceeding client expectations with solid, measurable results.