Videos, algorithms and notifications, oh my! Instagram has been announcing lots of changes to the platform recently. I’ve simplified all the latest changes for you, so you can spend more time ‘gramming and less time confused.

1. Instagram Video

Earlier this year, Instagram announced two new video updates to the platform – 60 second video and multi-clip video. In the coming weeks, all users will have the ability to share videos that are up to 60 seconds in length. That’s quite the jump from the current 15 second length maximum. That means you have more time to share stories with your audience.

The second update, multi-clip video, will allow you to string together multiple clips from your camera to create one longer video. That feature will roll out starting this week on Instagram’s iOS app version 7.19. No word yet on when this will be available for Android devices, but keep an eye out for more information.

You might be thinking: “Why should I care? I’m doing just fine on Instagram now.” Well, did you know that in the last six months, the amount of time that was spent watching videos on Instagram increased by 40%? Research also shows that adding video to your marketing campaigns drives higher favorability than campaigns with only static images.

If you aren’t yet including video in your social marketing strategies, you should make it a #goal for this year.

2. Algorithm

Earlier this month, the Instagram community was shocked to learn that Instagram will soon be implementing an algorithm for the post feed. Let’s clear up the rumors and present the facts on what’s in store for the future of one of our favorite social media platforms.

Right now, Instagram displays posts chronologically in the feed, so you see posts in the order in which they are published. As Instagram has grown, they feel that people are having a hard time keeping up with all of the photos and videos that personal and business accounts share each day.

As a business account, you’re probably using Instagram to promote sales, your products or events. With more and more activity on the platform, your organic posts are more than likely getting buried quickly.

The Solution: In order to help alleviate a cluttered feed, Instagram is going to start optimizing the order in which posts are displayed. This means that if you publish a post at 6am, it could be seen later in the day when your Followers are next active in the platform. The feed will be custom to each user, based on who and what they interact with in the platform.

There is really no reason to panic! However, it is more important than ever to develop your Instagram strategy and to produce quality content. If you continue to post awesome and engaging content that your users enjoy, then you shouldn’t see negative effects from this feature.

3. Notifications – To notify or not to notify

If you haven’t read the Algorithm section yet, take a minute to do so and come on back when you’ve finished. Ready? So you’ve probably been seeing a lot of this in your feed:


Before you jump aboard the notification train, take a deep breath and pause for a moment. You have NOT lost your followers. I repeat, You have NOT lost your followers, so don’t panic.  Some people, like this guy:


are sensationalizing the notification option and making it appear that Instagram is somehow altering your Follower list. I’m calling shenanigans, because they are NOT.  (See the proof)


Now that we have that clear, let me tell you what the heck is actually going on. If you were to turn on notifications for a specific account, that means you will receive a notification every stinkin’ time something is published from that account.

You’re probably thinking, “That’s perfect! I want my Followers to see all of my posts.” But take a step back for a minute, and think about it from the user’s side. If you’re posting multiple times per day or even per week, that user will receive a notification every single time. Now imagine they’ve turned on notifications for ALL the accounts they follow. It won’t take long before those notifications are not only annoying, but increasing your chances of being unfollowed.

Still wondering what you should do? My recommendation is at least for now, do nothing and continue using Instagram as you normally would. That’s right – take a deep breath, relax and don’t do a thing. Just keep on putting out great content.

I know that sometimes change can seem scary! Social media changes every day and it’s my job at Liquid to stay on top of these changes, so we can help you make informed decisions. Partnering with a digital marketing team for your social media efforts will help you navigate change with confidence.

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