If you haven't heard the term "Diversity of thought", it is a concept that encourages the collaboration of not just different people, but different ideas, experiences, perspectives and attitudes.

It would be fair to say that Liquid's business is diversity of thought. We are tasked with finding an approach to a problem or goal and then executing that approach. For the duration of a client engagement, the sum or our experiences are added to our client’s diversity from which we both benefit.

Organizations can live or die on diversity of thought. BlackBerry and Blockbuster are case studies where the lack of diversity directly led to their decline. Had their organizations been connected with the steam of external experiences, their competition may not have eaten their lunch.

Mobility enables diversity of thought in the entire organization by connecting the workforce in a natural way. Immediacy and simplicity make tapping into the global experience literal. A mobile enabled and globally connected workforce can look over their shoulders and see around corners at the same time.

By embracing diversity of thought and an extra-connected workforce, your organization will keep a pulse on the outside world allowing it to be more creative, proactive, competitive and productive.


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Lawrence Wolfe

About Lawrence Wolfe

Larry has over 20 years experience in interactive media, delivering innovative and functional solutions for heavy hitters like Mack Trucks and Air Products. As our CTO and Chief Architect, Larry crosses the divide between the left and right brain to produce experiences that are compelling, easy to use and scalable.