I had seen the movies and heard the horror stories. My idea of a first internship included taking everyone’s coffee orders, stumbling back to the office with hands full of Starbucks, and not doing anything of much worth.  My summer at Liquid Interactive was quite the opposite. The closest I came to this alternate reality was sucking down my own large cup of coffee and trying to adjust to a nine to five workday. 

Liquid provided exactly the educational experience I was hoping to obtain. As a student at Ithaca College with a laundry list of interests including computer science, digital marketing, video production, and web development, Liquid allowed me to test the waters in almost all of these areas. More than anything, my internship gave me the confidence that I was indeed studying the right thing. It confirmed that I would enjoy working in this type of environment when I graduate in three years.


During my all too brief time at Liquid, I learned several important lessons I will carry with me as I enter my sophomore year of college and the rest of my career.

1. Agency Life Is Full of Abbreviations

I will admit, I spent an embarrassing amount of time Googling abbreviations and acronyms I had heard people say in meetings or had seen in emails. From CMS to ROI to B2B, I feel as though my grasp on agency world jargon has vastly improved. Though it did take me a good week or so to realize AP was office slang for Afternoon Pot of coffee, Google wasn’t much help there.

2. Research Is Key

Especially in the world of marketing, this industry is always changing. Staying up to date on trends, viral campaigns, and new services is crucial. Seeing just how knowledgeable my mentors were when they entered client meetings or phone calls was impressive.  The bulk of my time at Liquid was spent doing research. Gaining these type of in depth research skills right away will most definitely prove to be invaluable later down the road.

3.  Professionalism

Having never worked in this sort of environment before, I was able to gain vital experience in the ways of office life. While meeting etiquette or proper work attire may seem like second nature to most of my co-workers, I came into this internship with little knowledge on how to act in a “real job” (I don’t think my previous job as an associate at a “Froyo Fun” really counts). It is these little details that will, hopefully, put me ahead of my peers in the future.

I want to thank everyone at Liquid who took the time mentor me in his or her role at the agency and essentially let me watch over their shoulder as they worked (I promise you, I wasn’t as bored as you all claimed I must have been). This internship and shadowing experience has gotten me one step closer to being able to answer the inevitable question from all family members and friends, “So what do you want to do when you graduate?”


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Bridget Strawn (Alumni)

About Bridget Strawn (Alumni)

Bridget Strawn interned with Liquid's Digital Marketing department.