Within the next 12-18 months, 4K will be the new standard format in the professional video industry. Liquid is already ahead of that curve. Our video department recently began the process of completely updating and overhauling our camera services and edit suite. In the coming weeks, we will begin offering the ability to shoot and edit 4.6K video. This evolution drastically differentiates Liquid and our value proposition.

What Exactly is 4K?

We all have a pretty good idea of what high definition video is. It’s the sharp, crisp channels on TV that make the standard definition ones look sad and blurry by comparison. In slightly more technical terms, it is a rectangle image measuring 1920x1080 pixels. 4K is ultra high definition. It is 4 times the size and resolution of HD, measuring 3840x2160 pixels. Liquid Video will be using the new Blackmagic URSA Mini, which is designed for use on feature films and captures perfect, 4.6K video measuring 4680x2592 pixels.

4K Video

The Benefits of Going 4K

Embracing this new technology opens up new possibilities for Liquid and our clients. Video has proven to be the premiere method of communicating a message and building a brand, and 4K is hands down the best way to communicate video. We are providing this superior advertising method in its most excellent and effective form; maximizing the benefits that our customers get from investing in and utilizing our video services. There can be many challenges to creating great video content. 4K video remedies many of these challenges and creates numerous opportunities for creativity and technical excellence. 4K video offers two primary benefits to video production. First, its significantly higher resolution means that every frame of video is filled with much more detail. Simply put, it looks way better than any HD video you have ever experienced.

1080p vs 4K

The other primary benefit of 4K video is the immense flexibility that it offers throughout the entire filming and editing process. Thanks to the significant improvement in detail, we can achieve exact critical focus and we can obtain a much cleaner “key” when filming a subject with a green screen background. Filming with 4K also allows for improved filming efficiency. The resolution allows us to capture a wide shot and close up at the same time, drastically speeding up the process of creating and capturing video content.


In the edit suite, 4K footage provides several benefits. It completely revolutionizes what we can do in post-production. The drastic improvement in image depth allows for professional color grading similar to the level that Hollywood has been achieving for years.

4K benefits

4K footage also allows our editors to achieve significantly better results when stabilizing video. The resolution of 4K is much larger than the 1920x1080 rectangle that we export, giving us the needed real estate to create perfect pans, tilts and zooms while editing.


Every single frame of 4K video is of comparable quality to professional still images produced by DSLR cameras. This means that still frames taken from 4K video can be repurposed as graphics for both web and print.



Video at Liquid

When it comes to video, we’re stepping up our game. Video has been a primary service offering at Liquid for the past four years. We are fully adopting 4K, expanding the department and striving to reach a new level of both content creativity and technical quality. If you are interested in leveraging the skills & expertise of Liquid Video, here’s how to get in touch. Call up Jenn Gora at 484-891-5084 or send an email to video@liquidint.com.


Victor June

About Victor June

Victor is a Cinematographer, Video Editor & UAV Pilot at Liquid Interactive. Victor assists with shooting and editing video, photographic services, concept creation, video sales and more and has played a role in in the success of 150+ projects for clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Scholastic, and Crayola.