Our June Lunch & Learn @ Liquid explored the topic of mobility and what it means for businesses. We got it all on video, so even if you missed out on the lunch, you can still get in on the learning. The videos below cover the entire presentation.

Download a copy of the slideshow

Lunch & Learn Introduction

Doug Mancini, Liquid’s Executive Vice President, kicks off the presentation and introduces the day’s speakers.

The State of Mobility and Mobile Strategy

Director of Strategy & Insights Len O’Neal walks us through some statistics on the mobile landscape, then dives into key considerations of a mobile strategy for businesses.

Responsive Design Part 1

Steve Luvender, our Senior UX Designer defines responsive design and the way it has changed the process of creating websites and apps.

Responsive Design Part 2

Director of Application Development Steve Bridges explains how one code base utilizes a fluid grid, flexible images and media queries to look good no matter what device it’s on. Hint: it involves math.

Resolution Independence & Mobile Technology

We saved the big guns for last. Larry Wolfe, our CTO and Director of Mobility is our guru of all things mobile. First, we learn all about assets. Then it’s on to mobility mass market, “app-anatomy”, and new tech.

You’ve listened to us talk at you, now here’s your chance to weigh in and tell us what you think.

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